Women's Ministry

Ladies' Christmas Luncheon

One of the ways we celebrate our Savior's coming is through our annual GFC Ladies' Christmas Luncheon. we invite you to sign up right away to share in more sweet fellowship together. Diana Dimitriyev is graciously hosting our Christmas luncheon again this year. It will be right after church on December 11th. Her cooking is amazing! Bring a dish if you are able. We are continuing our sometimes rowdy white elephant gift exchange tradition as well. For more details, see our GFC Ladies' Christmas Luncheon signup document here. Hope you can celebrate with us!

Questions? Contact the Women's Ministry Team.

In Jesus' day, women were devalued. Their testimony was not even admissible in court. But Jesus purposefully wanted women to be the first eye witnesses to the greatest event in the history of mankind: it was their testimony of the resurrection that began the spread of the gospel to the entire world! Jesus, in contrast to the culture around him, honored women.

It's this wonderful Savior that the women of GFC love! We encourage one another to grow in intimacy with Christ through Bible study, retreats, prayer for each other and one-on-one discipleship. We care for each other and serve one another through transitions and suffering. We fellowship together over meals and during play dates with the kids.

We are always looking to invite our friends to join us! We hope you will become one of our treasured friends! To find out more, contact Bonnie Dripps.