About GFC

What we believe

Grace Fellowship's vision is to make disciples of Jesus Christ in State College and beyond. Our Statement of Faith captures what we believe about God, ourselves, and the salvation we have in Jesus. According to that statement, our church is similar to many other Bible-believing churches; our Distinctives are what gives Grace Fellowship Church its particular "flavor".

What people notice

There are several things that visitors have said make our church special - and because of these things, many of those visitors have decided to stick around and become members!

Friendly: Our love for people flows out of the belief that God loved us before we loved Him in return (Romans 5:8). So whether you're a Christian or not, our church is eager to hear your story - and be part of it!

Every-member ministry: We have no full-time staff; instead, everyone serves everyone else. Roles and capacities may differ, but every member does what they can to make this a community they really love.

Multiple teachers with one message: Our church shares the Sunday morning preaching among our team of elders and others whom we're training to preach. Regardless of who is speaking, every sermon will come from the Bible, proclaim Jesus as our Savior, and offer clear application for our lives.

Small group discussion: At the conclusion of most Sunday worship services, we gather in discussion groups of 5-10 people to discuss the sermon and ask whatever questions we have. No one is required to share, but everyone is welcome to! (And on the Sundays when we don't have small groups, we have missions presentations instead!)