We believe that a steady diet of God’s word is the best food we can provide for our congregation. And though hot topics and current events are rapidly changing, God’s word endures forever (1 Pet 1:24-25). To this end, we are committed to preaching (primarily) through books of the Bible; this approach is often called “expositional preaching.” When we preach through Bible books, we frequently find ourselves addressing topics we would never have thought to address, but which the Lord clearly wants us to consider. (We do not think there is anything wrong with topical or issue-driven sermons — most of the sermons recorded in the New Testament are topical or issue-driven — so we occasionally hit on topics or issues between book series and on holidays.) We typically alternate between Old Testament books and New Testament books. 

Our church has a team of preachers who labor together to minister God’s word every Sunday. Some of our preachers are seasoned and experienced in this task; others are still in training. And we’ve found there’s no better way to train a man to preach than to give him opportunities to preach, where he can receive coaching beforehand and feedback afterward. We are grateful for the congregation’s patience with occasional inexperienced preachers; it enables us to bear much fruit in our preaching ministry for the long term. To become one of the preachers, one does not have to be an elder, but he should be well on the way to being qualified as an elder (1 Tim 3:1-7).

Here is a sampling of what you can expect to hear in a sermon at Grace Fellowship: