Growth Groups

Beyond Sunday mornings, many of our church members belong to one of our "growth groups". These are groups of people from different backgrounds and in different life stages who meet together regularly to know Jesus and each other more deeply.

In addition to studying the Bible, we are heavily involved in each others lives - the ups and downs, good and bad.

We invite you to join us any time, whether you're a member at Grace Fellowship or not!

Sundays: 4-5:30pm

Location: Online

Schedule TBD

Contact David Jones for details.

Mondays: 5:30-8pm

Location: Ryan & Steph Shreckengast's

We meet on the first three  Mondays of the month.

Children welcome!

Contact Ryan Shreckengast or Steph Shreckengast for details.

Wednesdays: 6-8:00pm

Location: Jon & Rachel Walker's

We meet every Wednesday.

Children welcome!

Contact Jon Walker or Jeff Scott for further details.