"More Than Our Disabilities" Discussion Group

Do you have a disability? Do you feel like your disability defines you? It doesn't have to. You are more than your disability.

In this group, we'll build deep, personal Christian relationships that look beyond our disabilities. We'll learn how God has made the weak strong and how He has equipped us to love others. We'll pray for God’s will be done in the midst of our limitations.

This is not a counseling group, self-help group, or dating group. It is a place for us to understand and be understood by others seeking to love and serve Jesus Christ through what He has wisely and mercifully given us.

Anyone with a disability, visible or invisible, age 13 and over, is welcome to join us.


  • 8-9pm on the 3rd Saturday of the month via Zoom (link)

  • We also encourage follow-up meetings through email, phone, video chat, and/or in person.


  • Opening prayer

  • Devotion led by Dan Hallman

  • Open discussion time

  • Closing prayer

For more information, contact Dan Hallman.