Outdoor Meetings

We are meeting outside the church building (weather permitting) while continuing to provide an online experience via Zoom.

Cheat sheet: what to bring

  • A mask, which should be worn:

    • Before and after the worship service (including outdoors)

    • When using the bathroom or otherwise needing to go inside.

  • Chairs and/or blankets to sit on. You may also want to bring a plastic tarp if the grass will be wet.

  • Hats, umbrellas or other "shade solutions". There will be many umbrellas in the lawn, but they may or may not be available for everyone in attendance.

  • A bible and pen for note-taking (printed outlines will be available)

  • Activities for kids, if applicable

  • Filled water bottle(s)

Note: Bibles, pens, masks, and kid activities will be available in limited supply. However, due to health concerns, if you use any of these things, they will be yours to keep.

Order of service

All portions of the service will be amplified for those on site and for those listening via Zoom. The sermon will also be recorded for online listening later.

  • Setup

  • "Welcome" (by on-site elder)

  • Musical worship

  • Sermon

  • Musical worship

  • Sharing of prayer requests (in-person & via Zoom) & corporate prayer

  • Tear-down

Inclement weather plan

The "Gathering Pastor" will decide by 9am each Sunday if the weather would be prohibitive for meeting in person.

Should that be the case:

    • The service will take place via Zoom only.

    • The public website will be updated and an email will be sent to the church mailing list.

    • If there is communion scheduled for that week (normally the first Sunday of the month), we would postpone it until the following week.

Sickness prevention

  • If anyone has COVID-like symptoms (or has been around someone who has), please join us over Zoom rather than in-person.

  • High-touch surfaces are sanitized before and after the service

  • Hand sanitizer will be available in various locations.

  • Social distancing should be maintained between households.

  • Masks are required before and after the worship service by all adults and children over two years old.

    • Masks are NOT required during the worship service, unless you are going indoors (e.g. to use the bathroom)

    • Doors will be propped open where possible, but traffic flow will not be one-directional.

Child Care

  • No child care will be provided centrally, including nursery.

  • Families are encouraged to bring their own activities for children, but some individual packages of crayons and paper will be available. (If you use those supplies, please do not return them.)

Bulletins & song lyrics

  • Printed bulletins / sermon outlines, which include song lyrics, will be available on site.

    • There will not be projection of song lyrics in person, but we will continuing displaying the lyrics for Zoom participants as usual.

  • Electronic versions will also be available on the public website.


  • We take communion together on the first week of every month.

  • Communion will be served using single-serving packages.

    • The Care Team will drop these single-serving packages off earlier in the week for those who do not plan to join us in person. Please contact Bonnie Dripps if you'd like to receive these.

    • Should this not be possible or preferred, we'll encourage congregants to provide their own bread/juice.

Small Groups & Sunday School

  • Small Groups will take place via Zoom immediately following the service. Small Groups are not taking place in person.

  • Some Sunday school classes are taking place via Zoom in the afternoon. See Becky John or Erin Krol for details.


  • Please continue to give via our usual means.

  • The on-site Giving Box will be placed outside during the service should you want to leave a gift in that way.

Please sign up for our church mailing list to stay up-to-date about this and other details.