Indoor Meetings

During COVID-19

We are holding our Sunday services indoors at this time. Since the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, there will be technical and procedural changes for how we'd normally use the facility. This page will be updated as those plans develop and change.

Please contact Tom Hallman with any questions or feedback.

Why we're meeting during a pandemic

Grace Fellowship Church is a Biblically committed, Christ-exalting, relationally oriented, discipleship-minded, locally based global mission.

Even in a pandemic.

As we are locally based, we choose to respect local authorities - especially in the context of a global pandemic with evidence of local impact. As our King is the King of kings, we are motivated out of obedience to love the Lord and love our neighbors, as expressed in the GFC Distinctives. We care for the most physically high-risk by providing remote options and adopting preventive measures. We likewise care for the spiritual needs of the congregation and community by proclaiming salvation by faith in Jesus Christ, making disciples, and living out the gospel.

Options for viewing the service

Sanctuary: The sanctuary is laid out as shown to promote social distancing while accommodating households of various sizes. There should be room for approximately 100 people, including the preacher and worship leader.

Fellowship Hall: The service is live-streamed to a TV and will provide space for another 24 people.

Remote locations: The services are live-streamed via Zoom.

Sickness prevention

  • If anyone has COVID-like symptoms (or has been around someone who has), please join us over Zoom rather than in-person.

  • Sanitization: High-touch surfaces are sanitized before and after the service.

  • Hand sanitizer: Hand sanitizer is available in various locations.

  • Social distancing: Social distancing should be maintained between households.

  • Masks: Masks are required at all times while inside the building by all adults and children over two years old.

  • One-way routes: Space does not readily allow one-way routes, but paths within the Sanctuary will be evident because of the chair arrangements.

  • Food & drink: Pre-packaged bread/juice will be provided for communion services. Fellowship meals will not be provided. The drinking fountain is taken out of service. Congregants are to bring their own water bottles, but water bottles are available for guests / extraordinary circumstances.

  • Contact tracing: Should there be a positive case of COVID reported from a recent in-person attendee, we will send a notification to the church email alias (though the identity of the individual will not be specified.) Visitors have the option of filling out a contact tracing form either online or on paper should they also like to receive such notifications.

  • Coat rack: In order to discourage congregating around the coat rack, we ask that attendees keep their coats with them at their seats.

Order of service

  • Setup & sanitizing

  • Welcome (by on-site elder)

  • Worship (which may include singing)

  • Sermon

  • Worship (which may include singing)

  • Announcements

  • Dismissal

  • Adult Small Groups & Children's Sunday School

  • Tear-down & sanitizing

All portions of the service will be available for those listening via Zoom. The sermon will also be recorded for online listening later.

Child care

Child care, including nursery staffing, is not currently available. However, the nursery itself will be available should parents need a quiet place to soothe young children.