Coronavirus Status

Our intention is to follow the most up-to-date counsel of the CDC and other government authorities. At this point, we therefore expect not to meet in person until May 17 at the earliest unless we are directed otherwise by the CDC.

We will continue conducting modified church services on Sunday mornings, and we have given each preacher freedom to try different formats and methods.

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The following email was sent to the church on March 13, 2020:

Dear church family,

If you’re like me, you’ve already read dozens of emails and articles regarding the coronavirus. And perhaps, like me, you’re feeling somewhat overwhelmed and uncertain about how to think about all of it.

However, as at all other times, God has called us to make the best decisions we can, with the knowledge we have, that most glorifies God and most cares for our church family and our community. That knowledge comes to us from God’s Word, the governing authorities God has set over us, and the wisdom God has given to mankind for our benefit.

Thus, based on our best understanding of that knowledge, the elders have made the following decisions:

  • We will not hold Sunday services for the duration of March.
    • We currently plan to resume Sunday services on April 5, though we may extend or shorten that time as events unfold in the coming weeks.
    • We ask that each team with Sunday service responsibilities proactively consider and communicate implications for their team. (e.g. how will the preaching and Sunday school passages & teachers be affected, adjusting thermostats & food orders, etc.)
    • One possibility is that we will live-stream either a sermon or “devotional” on Sunday mornings instead. Stay tuned for more information from the preaching team.
  • We encourage all other church meetings, including Growth Groups, to be canceled or held via video or phone to calls until April.

The elders recognize that some may disagree with these decisions. Some may feel that we’ve overreacted, and some may feel that we’ve under-reacted. Some local churches (and other organizations) may go further than we have or not as far as we have. Regardless, let’s seek to make charitable assumptions about the motives of each.

In our case, our primary goal is not personal protection but rather protecting the vulnerable. This includes our members and visitors in the most at-risk categories (e.g. those over 60, those with serious medical / respiratory conditions, etc.) Since there is currently no cure for this disease, we must be diligent to protect the vulnerable from the droplets that set off the chain reaction of infection. We do this because we love our neighbors - including those we do not know - more than we love our meetings.

Finally, please know that the elders have not made these decisions lightly. Our in-person meetings with you are among our greatest joys, and are amazing opportunities to proclaim and incarnate the gospel of Christ to one another. If the Lord wills, this season of restraint will be brief, and we will eagerly see and embrace one another soon.

Tom, for the elders